Who is Alie Kabba?

Alie Kabba is a visionary leader and fighter for ordinary people yearning for opportunity and dignity, and his record also clearly shows that he is an astute manager when it comes to organizing and managing people and resources. His vision is inspired by the collective dream of the people to change our society in its totality, from abject poverty and squalor to one that improves the standard of living for all citizens.

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A great leader is one who has a vision to take a country to a place it has not been before; one who dreams of bringing about transformational change to his people, a change that has been long awaited, a change for good that goes beyond cosmetic surgery and drops in an ocean.

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As a proud member of the SLPP, Alie Kabba is determined to take the SLPP back to State House with a solid majority in Parliament! Together, with him as SLPP Flagbearer, victory is certain!