Alie Kabba Speaks: Eid Mubarak!

Fellow Sierra Leoneans:

As we mark yet another blissful day in the Islamic calendar, let me take this opportunity to thank Alllah for His great bounty and unlimited Grace, and to wish everyone a glorious Eid Mubarak!

As a country we will always consider ourselves hugely blessed and especially favoured in many ways.

In spite of the numerous inequities of our ruling class, our skies still pour down with rain and our rivers still run full to sprout the foliage that feeds us.

In spite of the wholesale looting of our resources by the greedy and corrupt political class, our spirits still stand strong and our goals as solid as the mountains that peg them to our vision!

In spite of the many man-made difficulties that enchain our people and strangulate our progress, our hopes are still very much alive and our dreams refuse to die!

In everything we do, as Christians or Muslims, our God is forever at the centre of our plans and our actions.

Our faith is our source of strength and the anchor of our perseverance.

We will remain confident that our collective prayers for a better Sierra Leone will someday be answered in full — a country in which “the little man” will stand tall in dignity and “the big man” will see himself as just “another man” and not “a better man”!

May peace, tolerance, harmony, liberty and democracy blossom in the land that we all so love — our Sierra Leone!

May we also be blessed with the knowledge that the reshaping of our destiny as a nation is our God-given responsibility!

One Country, One People!
Everyone in, No One out!
Everyone up, No one down!

Your Humble Brother in Hope and Prayers,
Alie Kabba

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