Join Our Grassroots Teams In Sierra Leone

Please join our grassroots teams in Sierra Leone. Alie Kabba’s philosophy is “Everyone In No One Out!” This is an idea that is appealing to the people of Sierra Leone, 99% of whom have been left to suffer in the hands of the 1% APC politicians who are living a life of luxury.
Alie Kabba is determined to make life better for all Sierra Leoneans but we must all join him in this fight by taking action to make it happen.
The campaign is gaining strong support and growing in all Districts and the Western Areas of Sierra Leone. If you wish to be part of this history-making change in Sierra Leone, please fill in the information below so that we can connect you to a team in your constituency.

Join Our Campaign Teams in Sierra Leone

Join Our Diaspora Teams Outside of Sierra Leone

Our Diaspora Teams are growing in strength and numbers. Even though the election is in Sierra Leone, our Diaspora Teams are part and parcel of the engine that is driving the Alie Kabba Campaign train. If you live in North America, Europe, Australia or anywhere outside of Sierra Leone, please send us your contact information so that we can connect you to a team in your part of the world. Please fill in the information below:

Join Our Campaign Teams in the Diaspora

The Alie Kabba Campaign Team is using various platforms to get Alie Kabba’s message to the people of Sierra Leone. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog to get news, videos and posts with important messages from Alie Kabba!