Fellow Sierra Leoneans, Sisters and Brothers in the great SLPP:

The quest to make our beloved Sierra Leone a progressive and prosperous nation is one that deserves all of our energies and every pull of our efforts.

This is a sacred journey that we should all walk together, as a people, if we intend to arrive in the right place.

The unfortunate challenges  that threatened to divert the focus of our party and diminish the prospects of electoral victory are now receding very fast.

Thanks to everyone who continue to put so much energy into the peace effort, working from the inside, pushing from the outside, and praying on the sidelines to bring about this positive change in the direction of our democracy!

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Fellow Sierra Leoneans,

There is no denying the fact that our country is moving through one of its most turbulent political periods.

With a government that is singularly focused on  prolonging its own lifespan by any means possible, while the main opposition party is sadly locked up in petty personality squabbles, our national institutions are disintegrating all around us and leaving the people unprotected, bewildered and disappointed.

The arrest and detention of Abdul M. Fatoma, Chief Executive Officer of the Campaign for Human Rights and Development Internatiomal (CHRDI) yesterday at the Central Investigations Department in Freetown is another cause for alarm.

Arresting Abdul Fatoma will not succeed in sweeping  aside the many disturbing questions about transparency and corruption raised by his organisation.

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Freetown, December 16, 2016 — Four armed men dressed in military camouflage attacked the residence of Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba and gained entrance into the compound by jumping over the back fence around 3am local time.

On failing to force open the fortified back door into the house, one of the attackers was overheard suggesting that they should “fire into the door”.

The unarmed in-house security immediately activated their standing security measures rehearsed for such eventualities, which succeeded in distracting the assailants as they proceeded to destroy property in the compound.

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Alie Kabba Speaks: SLPP Must Unite Now for the Good of the Country

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, Brothers and Sisters in the great SLPP Family:

Whenever a reigning party is found as wanting as it is now evident in Sierra Leone, the clarion call for change in direction grows louder and undeniably justifiable in the country.

It is historically evident that any political party in power that allows itself to be crippled by greed and arrogance will surely be afflicted with deafness and dumbness. In the event of such a finality of stages the only button that the central actors can see is the button marked “self-destruct”!

However, within the precepts of a democratic dispensation (in so far as ours could be so described), it would be an irresponsible strategy for the opposition to just sit and hope that the bumbling snake will soon swallow its own head. It is incumbent upon the opposition not merely to show that the government is inadequately functioning, but to prove to the voters that there is a viable alternative body on which they could hang their hopes and dreams. Read more

Alie Kabba Bags Inspiring Award From The Sierra Leone Children’s Aid Foundation (SLCAF)

Over the weekend, Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba was awarded the certificate of “INSPIRING MENTOR OF THE YEAR” in recognition of his “outstanding and excellent contributions to nation building” and for his “total dedication, devotion and faithful services particularly in the area of children!s affairs”.

The well-attended ceremony took place at the Rokel Government Secondary School in central Freetown.

Attendees included Former First Lady I.J.Kabba and other opposition party figures, APC Minister of Youth, Deputy Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission, artists, and civil society groups, as well as students from various schools in the Western Area. Read more

Alie Kabba Speaks: APC Continues to Drag Sierra Leone through Hell

Fellow Sierra Leoneans:

The recent abrupt elimination of fuel subsidies by the APC government and its cascading killer effects pose a very serious threat to the livelihood of ordinary citizens and dangerously toys with the very stability of the state.

Once again we find ourselves firmly locked in the grips of another undoubtedly disastrous stretch of man-made catastrophes that our country neither desires nor in anyway deserves.

The current episode represents yet another grim example of how the deceptive policies and fraudulent pastimes of our thoroughly corrupt and terribly greedy political class would always lead to disaster for the 99% of suffering Sierra Leoneans.

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